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Head Office: 73 Port Rd, Thebarton, South Australia – 5031

Email: general@ers-sa.com.au

Phone: 1800 024 333

Office Hours: 7:30am – 6pm Monday-Saturday.
Electrical or Plumbing Emergencies – call 24/7

ABN : 16 067 079 636

We operate in All Suburbs Daily

Our 30+ fully licensed electricians, plumbers, & accredited technicians – live & work throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area.


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Power Emergency

Your local electricians – for all power emergency, and all electrical repairs.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

Phone 1800 024 333

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Power emergency

We have 30 fully licensed local electricians, and technicians – operating in all Adelaide suburbs, and available quickly.

A Power Emergency (outage) to your home or business is frustrating, inconvenient & sometimes dangerous.

We also offer a genuine One Hour Emergency Service (for power emergencies only).

Be aware of any power cuts for severe weather or bushfire activity.

What to do if the power fails:

  • Establish that your property is the only one effected by Power Loss
  • Look around any surrounding properties to see if you are the only one without power
  • If the power failure is more extensive and is effecting other properties, contact SA Power Networks – 131 366 (formerly ETSA) or your energy supplier.
  • If you are the only property without power

Carefully check you power switchboard [fusebox] to see if the mains switch and any safety switches are still on.

Contact us immediately if:

  • There are any signs of burn, fire or high heat damage to your switchboard (+ call Fire Brigade if appropriate)
  • You don’t have a Mains Switch
  • The Mains Switch and All Safety Switches are on and there is still no power supply

If you find a faulty switch, fixture or appliance is the cause the power loss, isolate safely, [turn off, disconnect – be sure to take out the power plug/chord] and contact us during working hours to book a diagnoses and/or repair.