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Motion Sensor Installation

Your local electricians – for all motion sensor installation, and all electrical repairs.

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Motion sensor installation

We have 30 fully licensed local electricians, and technicians – operating in all Adelaide suburbs, and available quickly.

Motion sensor installation is done by our qualified electricians – anywhere in the Adelaide metro area.

Infrascan sensor lights can be used to control lighting in a particular work area, or for after hours security lighting. A motion detector switches lighting on when the presence of a person is detected in that area, and switches off automatically after a pre-set time after no presence is detected.

Indoor infrascan sensor lights are suitable for open plan areas, single rooms, offices, laundries, toilets, walk-in robes, hallways and pantries.

The outdoor infrascan will operate under all weather conditions and features long-range detection with immunity to false triggering.

Infrascans sensor lights can be used for garages, driveways, porches and outdoor living areas. They also provide you with peace of mind by automatically lighting up an area to deter intruders and trespassers.

Infrascans offer enhanced security, convenience and energy savings.

Other types of sensor lights installed – including Ultrasonic, Passive Infared (PIR), and dual technology detectors – for wall and ceiling mounting, with varying detector ranges.