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Electrical Rewiring

Your local electricians – for all electrical rewiring, and all electrical repairs.

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Electrical rewiring

We have 30 fully licensed local electricians, and technicians – operating in all Adelaide suburbs, and available quickly.

Electrical rewiring is an important step in protecting your home from possible electrical hazards caused by old wiring and bad electrical connections.

Upgrade old wiring

Generally, wiring in homes is designed to last about 35 years. One indication of older wiring is the presence of fuses in the switchboard – instead of circuit breakers.

Home electrical wiring not designed for today’s appliances end up over-loaded and potentially dangerous.

We can also replace fuses with circuit breakers, safety switches, and surge protectors – to make your home a safe place, and protect valuable electrical items from damage.

An electrical rewiring upgrade helps to ensure that your home wiring is equipped to meet your electrical needs and protect your family and property.