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Poor and Dangerous Gas Work In Adelaide

Poor and Dangerous Gas Work In Adelaide
November 4, 2015 Saikiran Bommagowni
Poor and Dangerous Gas Work In Adelaide

Just last week, Adelaide Metropolitan Gas Technicians were called out to with a suspected carbon monoxide leak. We detected elevated levels of carbon monoxide in the property and determined the problem lay with a poorly installed flued gas heater.

The homeowner had used an unlicensed gas fitter to install the heater. This person had used both an incorrect type of flue and had chosen a size that was far too small to effectively vent the gas.

This firstly restricted air flow throughout the heating system and also allowed water vapor from the heater to condense within the pipe. Over time this caused sections of the pipe and heater to rust, forming a number of blockages. Poor airflow and restrictions to the air supply provided an ideal environment for carbon monoxide production.

This demonstrates that members of the public should be wary of cheap but unlicensed gas fitters, and always choose an Accredited Gas Technician.

Accreditation means a gas technician has skills and expertise above that of the requirements for standard licensing.

The Plumbing Industry Association of South Australia also sets guidelines for practices and pricing, ensuring that any gas work done on your property is conducted to a best-practice standard. Adelaide Metropolitan is proud to be an accredited member of the PIA. If gas technician doesn’t have a PIA logo, then they shouldn’t get your money.

Faulty Gas Appliances can be highly dangerous and should have regular servicing. If you suspect there is a fault with your water heater, heating or appliance, contact Adelaide Metropolitan Immediately.